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So you want to be green, reduce your carbon footprint, save the earth, and your thinking about commuting by bike. It's easier than you think, though there are challenges. Pushing your 4,000 lb (or 8,000) lb! vehicle (car) to work everyday, and everywhere with a gasoline engine... STILL contributes more pollution than recycling your food containers, usings cfl's, and recycled bags will save if you lived for a 1,000 years. (Though the Oil mongers love you for it).

My vehicle and person weighs in about 200 lbs... MAN-POWERED.

You CAN do it... 2 days a month (every other Friday) equals 10% of your commuting time, and that's a great start! Many companies offer incentives to use public transit and have showers and lockers.

But if they don't, it's still to your advantage to get out of the old routine and try it. Here's a few reasons why:

  1. You'll save money on gas and parking
  2. You'll feel better from the fresh air & exercise
  3. You'll notice things you never did in a car
  4. You'll be surprised how quick you get places
  5. You'll have time to think!
  6. You'll avoid a lot of hassle and stress
  7. You arrive refreshed and relaxed, 2x a day!
  8. You don't really have to do any other exercise
  9. You'll feel a great sense of accomplishment
  10. You will be free to stop and park anywhere

Even if your employer doesn't offer showers and lockers, a sponge bath with baby wipes and change of clothes only takes a few minutes, and it works. I have worn dress clothes on the bike year round, though now I have a shower at work at take in work clothes on the weekend. You adapt, and learn to set yourself up for the conditions. Once in a while you get wet.. or get caught in a dust storm, here in the desert... but who cares! You are going to change and bathe when you get home anyway! When conditions are extreme (115+ blazing sun, 160 degree pavement)... you toss the bike on the bus or rail when you've had enough, but it's amazing how much you CAN DO before "wimping" out.








Wear a safety vest

Use back streets to start

Time a dry run on weekend

Find a mentor/buddy if you can

Use the sidewalk if you're not comfortable on the street


Start on a casual day or Friday

Start small, 2 days a month

Allow extra 30 mins first time

Find the nearest bus line

Carry bus fare just in case